“Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air.” – Jack Benny

Eagle Valley GC

Eagle Valley GC

Welcome to the Prisoners of  Women web site.  Just some guys pissing off wives since 1982 or longer. The POW’s meet once year for a golf tournament at Eagle Valley Golf Course in Carson City, NV.  This is the greatest golfing event is the history of great golfing events.  The format is best ball and the rules are simple.  Everyone in your group tees off.  The group decides the best drive and then everyone hits again from that spot. This format continues until the ball is in the hole. The only rule is that each member of the group must record at least two drives. So there is some strategy involved since some POW’s only golf once a year in this prestigious event.

Scores are kept by the honor system which works most years.  Cheating is discouraged even though the purse is bigger than most professional events.  The value of the purse is in the psychic reward and the Karma gained from the golfing gods.

Most of the golfers come from the Sacramento, CA area.  One member travels from Raleigh, NC, one from Dallas, TX and one from Vancouver, WA.  These three are the most revered and exalted of the POW’s. They must plan their entire year around this most excellent golfing excursion. 

Becoming a POW requires extensive vetting, drug testing, background checks and recommendations from other POW members. The process is extensive and time consuming. We use ADT and Brink’s background services to ensure all new members meet the exacting standards of honor, integrity, good looks, golfing skills, financial assets, access to SF Giants tickets(sorry, no new A’s fans allowed unless grandfathered in by a previous administration) and the ability to get great green fee prices. Or you could just pay the fees to play in the tournament and that would suffice.  We will take anyone’s money who is willing to play in this hideous event.  For more information and details go to the Events page.


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