In Memoriam

“As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” – Ben Hogan

Lanny C. Fraizer (1947 – 2020)

More bad news for the POW’s. Lanny Frazier passed away yesterday 3/18/2020 at about 4pm. He made it to the Open in 2019 and somehow played all 18 holes.  RIP Lanny. You were a great friend and POW.  Hit long and prosper. Say hey to Doug, Hat, Denis and Krall for us. FORE! MMR

Alongside his family and dog Charlie, Lanny passed away on March 18, 2020. Lanny was born in Chariton, Iowa on Nov. 1, 1947 and resided in California since the age of four. From 1967-1969, he served in the U.S. Army. Later, he met the love of his life, Debby (nee Damon); they were married 35 years and raised four children. Having worked for Lucky Stores for 38 years, Lanny retired, but not without making countless memories and lifetime friends. He was a gentle soul and a loving, happy man with the best sense of humor. With endless love for his family, he was the strong, positive force in any situation and had a joke for all occasions. He will forever remain in our hearts. A celebration of Lanny’s life will be held at a later date.

Who invited THESE guys? Lanny far left.

We lost another great POW.  Hat from the Madjeski group passed away.  RIP Hat you will be missed.  Long live the POW’s.  By the way, one way you know Hat was a great guy is because he hated the PooBah group for their slow play always causing him to wait for hours to eat at the POW’s outstanding buffet.

Mr. Majestic and his crew. Hat is on the far left in white polo. RIP Hat

It’s been two years since our fellow POW and great friend “The Animal” passed.  The VanZile, Newman, Tausey click used this as an excuse to go golfing. I am sure Animal would approve.  Why is The Poo Bah always out of focus?  The camera doesn’t lie.


On another note – I belong to the Land Park Country Club and recently they put in a large patio next to the putting green.

Circling the patio are personalized bricks that you buy.

Since Animal has his ashes spread out across God knows where, I decided to get a brick for Doug.

The next time your playing at the prestigious LPCC – as you are leaving the patio and heading to the first tee – look down and give The Animal a salute


An Ode to Doug

Flowers are blooming, go to the light.

Lilly’s, Roses and Daisy’s all white.

Tee’s are all open ; the holes all par three’s.

Come play with the Angels and you’ll have company.

Green fees are waived and cart rentals free.

If you go off the cart path there is no penalty.

Arnold, Jack and Byron will be with you soon just wait and see.

Stewart is waiting at green 10,

You don’t have to worry, you can both start again.

The  rest of the POW’s send their best.

Kick back, and relax, you’ve earned the rest.

By Jerry Mindt

Today, like the attack on Pearl Harbor, will live in infamy.

On February 1, 2015 we lost a great friend and fellow POW, Doug Mindt or Animal.  Doug loved life and in the end he lost that he loved the most.  Animal loved and hated golf.  He was either brilliant or terrible depending on how the slice was working.  He was also a great horseshoe player.  I partnered with him many times  with Doug carrying the load.  If we played each other he usually won.  He had an uncanny ability to make the shoes bounce to exactly where he wanted them to go.

I  knew something was up with Doug this Summer when he was a no show to the E.G. POW Open .  He loved the golf, gambling(especially the mechanical horses) and the camaraderie.  He was missed more than he would ever know or believe.

I could go on and on about our friend Animal but it’s hard to type while you are crying. Peace be with you brother. MMR


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