It seems the entrepreneurial spirit has taken hold for one of our POW brethren.  One can only imagine what type of plants might be grown on a POW Nursery.  There are many naturally occurring  weeds that could be grown thus creating a very positive cash flow.  The Left Coast has changed the laws about the use and cultivation of these naturally occurring weeds so this business model does seem viable.  We can only wish them the best and hope for those residual payments for use of the POW logo.


POW Nursery

POW Nursery

More Crime news:  This individual, looks strangely like SBD “NEWMAN”.  If you see this individual in any liquor store please notify the PD or Store Management.

FLASH: Golf crimes reach historic levels during Trump’s Presidential run!

This man was arrested last Sunday on the Campus Commons GC with a charge of stealing golf balls.
Police spokesperson reported the identified man as a homeless vagrant selling stolen golf balls for Sierra Nevada beers.

The little old man gave the following semi-delusional statement to the Police.  He had obviously traded in way more than a mere 10 golf balls for Sierra Nevada’s when he made this statement.  This is straight from the Police blotter: “It’s a PUBLIC park, damn-it!…be-sides…10 golf balls for one QUALITY beer seems fair to a reasonable man…are we not all created reasonable?…MMR!” The Police had to explain to the vagrant that since it was a public park by his own admission, the golf balls in question belong to the City of Sacramento.  Sacramento golf ball Statute 69-6969 clearly states any golf balls found on public property are the sole property of the City and can not be traded or sold for other real or imagined properties.  He was cited for idiocy and ignorance of the law and released to custody of his despairing wife, Carmen. 

Police are still trying to decipher the MMR at the end of his statement.  Homeland Security is fairly certain it is code to ISIS and have warned Man Must Recreate Enterprises to expect an attack at their signature golf tournament The EG POW Open.  Stay tuned for additional updates as this is an evolving story.

Another sad case of how a fishing, golfing and alcohol addiction can ruin someone’s life.  If only he had joined the men’s self help group the POW’s!


 Vagrant with illegally traded Sierra Nevada beer.  Book him Dano! And they did.

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