Quiz Page for the Bored

#1 When did the Open start??This year will be the 35th annual EG POW Open

As Uncle Rico said, “She thinks I’m livin too much in ’82.

#2 The Grand PooBah has missed one Open, why??35/50

Tom and Lorraine, duh.

#3 How many golf courses has the Open been played on??I only know of a certain number so I could have this one wrong

My guess was three but who knows what evil lurks in the mind of a Grand PooBah

#4 Who got chased down by a husband at a POW event??Variation on a theme. Trouble and larcency are this persons closest friend.

Your answers are poo poo.

#5 What was Animal’s favorite casino game??Whoa, Nelli

These questions are not hard.  Quit horsing around.

#6 When did the music die??Your Buddy knows

Richie Valens and the Big Bopper are very very sad.

#7 Why does the Grand PooBah pass out??The Association

Every time I think that I’m the only one who’s lonely someone calls on me.

#8 How is the winner determined at the Open??Washing detergent

Why are you taking this quiz?  Please check the Sacred Archives.

#9 How many phrases from Caddy Shack does The Grand Poobah use??TIP: Three Is Possible(TIP)

No excuse for missing this one, loser.

#10 Name the phrases.?You can bet on this answer

The hint was bet and you missed it? WOW!!




WOW, You’re a genius!

Idiot, Gosh!  Go feed Tina!

#1 Is Roger’s genome human??It's a yes or no question. Well, mostly.

Really? Roger is not human. He is a good bicycle rider though but so are bears and monkeys. So does anyone really know?

#2 How many golf balls has The Grand PooBah stolen in his life??Math is hard. Study this one for awhile.

Nanner, nanner, nanner, you guessed incorrectly. So keep trying for a very long time until you get it right.

#3 Does “NEWMAN” Big Deal Mills still have his first condom??You are on your own for this one.

I thought you knew all about “NEWMANS!” condoms.  Man was I wrong. Try to dodge this answer.

#4 Did Ed’s Fantasy Girls derive it’s name from Ed Trebig??Don't we all love librarians?

Ask for a life line.  You are making a fool of yourself. EG would be very disappointed.

#5 What is the highest number of pitches thrown by a POW is a nine inning baseball game??King of the Hill.

WOW, and you call yourself a sports fan? D2 Regionals and you get 142 chances.

#6 What do the cool POW’s do the day before the EG POW Open??This requires excellent pretzel logic.

You should have smoked that answer.  So sad.

#7 What is the hardest thing for a POW to do in golf??This is real toughy!

Take up knitting, please. Honestly, you missed this one?

#8 Why was EG POW Open started??This is the most philosophical question ever asked of a POW.

If you get this wrong you are banned for life! The answer is buzzin in the wind.

#9 Why does EG POW Open start at 12:30PM??Google it!

Why is this so hard for you?  I am very disappointed. Think Seinfeld

#10 Why is the current location of the EG POW Open at the Eagle Valley Golf Course??There is no right answer. Just what I decide!

Too bad, you were close but you really suck at quizzes. North Korea was the answer.

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