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Another rambling rant by the serial literary terrorist Coach!

Does that really sound like TGP, SBD or ACE?

#1. Who said this on August 21, 2012? “All of this crap is because GOLF is a game, NOT a sport. I wouldn’t give you .10 to go watch any of these arrogant pricks play golf. Watching on TV, is about as much fun as changing a radiator. I love to play “the game” however!!! “



#1. When did the EG POW Open start? ? This year will be the 35th annual EG POW Open

As Uncle Rico said, “She thinks I’m livin too much in ’82.

#2. The Grand PooBah has missed one Open, why? ? 35/50

Tom and Lorraine, duh.

#3. How many golf courses has the Open been played on? ? I only know of a certain number so I could have this one wrong

My guess was three but who knows what evil lurks in the mind of a Grand PooBah

#4. Who got chased down by a husband at a POW event? ? Variation on a theme. Trouble and larcency are this persons closest friend.

Your answers are poo poo.

#5. What was Animal’s favorite casino game? ? Whoa, Nelli

These questions are not hard.  Quit horsing around.

#6. When did the music die? ? Your Buddy knows

Richie Valens and the Big Bopper are very very sad.

#7. Why does the Grand PooBah pass out? ? The Association

Every time I think that I’m the only one who’s lonely someone calls on me.

#8. How is the winner determined at the Open? ? Washing detergent

Why are you taking this quiz?  Please check the Sacred Archives.

#9. How many phrases from Caddy Shack does The Grand Poobah use? ? TIP: Three Is Possible(TIP)

No excuse for missing this one, loser.

#10. Name the TGP phrases. ? You can bet on this answer

The hint was bet and you missed it? WOW!!

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