SA 2000

“Correct me if I’m wrong, Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they’ll lock me and up and throw away the key.”-Carl Spackler

“Not the golfers, you idiot, the gophers.”-Sandy

“Oh, we can do that.  We don’t even need a reason.”-Carl

The year 2000 EG POW Open was marred by the unfortunate occurrence of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration organized by a sister-in-law who did not fully understand the hierarchy of the EG POW Open in life’s events.  The Grand Poo-Bah and King were unable to attend the EG POW Open on Saturday for this reason.  It is the one year Derek is not in almost every picture and the golfing was finished in record time.  DVZ and King did attend the Pre-POW Event and came back for the Saturday night celebrations.  These types of occurrences have happened to almost all the POW’s at one time or another or there would be no reason to have the EG POW Open.  POW is after the acronym for Prisoners Of Women!




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