SA 2019

This years EG POW Open was somewhat muted by a very low turnout. Next year there are high hopes for a resurgence in POW attendance. Friday was the usual Tahoe excursion into expensive twilight rates, surly staff and crappy greens. Looks like Mace Meadows may be back on the Friday schedule next year. The Grand PooBah will give us a heads up on the greens on one of his numerous fishing expeditions into the hinterland.

Saturday, at the start of 37th Annual EG POW Open, we had a near fatal attack on Russ by the sociopathic crazed maniac Coach Montgomery. The Buzz Brothers were #2 up on the first tee when we saw Russ fold and hit the deck like a cheap lawn chair. His mistake? Getting anywhere near Montgomery during his practice swings. Montgomery blamed Russ for walking into his back swing. Russ was administered to by several POW nurses, stood up and forced to continue golfing. As it turned out Russ swears he played better than he has in years. Expect another accident in 2020 since The Buzz Brothers tied for first at 7 under.

!st Off the tee shortly before the Montgomery Files Incident at the OK Corral
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