SA 2020

The Wuhan Virus Team Photo

This years EG POW Open started without incident. Roger failed to clock anyone with his practice swings so no golfing related injuries were reported. The event was not without controversy as The Buzz Brothers and The Ringers ended in an 8 under tie. One playoff hole followed which almost ended in Roger needing his weapon of choice to settle results. So we had a tie with The Ringers foregoing the excellent after golf buffet. Thanks to all for a great time. Hope to see everyone back in 2021.

The Cast and Crew of the 2020 EG POW Open
Marshall Chuck had issues with Russ’s smart phone camera.
The Grand PooBah stepped in to assist Marshall Chuck with the 2nd attempt at a group picture.
Ringer group 1st hole
SBD trying to remember where he is.
Social Distancing
Rob C Wins Longest Drive
Tommy Hart Wins the First Closest to the Pin
Wildthing King Wins 2nd Closest to the Pin. Apparently no one else hit the green.
Stolen Government Property
TGP makes French Toast

MMR CFO SBD collecting his funds for the EG POW Open

The 2020 EG POW Open will be held once again at the Eagle Valley Golf Course in Carson City, Nevada. This assumes of course SBD(Steve’s Bogus Deals) aka NEWMAN doesn’t negotiate the price even higher than last year.

2020 POW Invite
We are the Champions!
The Best EG POW Open Poster of all time, of all time, of all time!
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