Sacred Archives

These Sacred Archives are dedicated to all past, present and future POW’s.  The photo’s below are but mere symbolic representations of the idiocy that is the EG POW Open.  This group is soooooo organized that many times they were so eager to hit the links that they forgot to take a group photo.  Or they took the group photo and then lost the photos or even made up a story that the dog ate their computer.  Anyway, there are many, many pictures under the subheadings of SA 1982-2019.  Many thanks to all the cool cats that made an effort to take the pictures in the first place and then send them to me, your not so humble web master.  Special Recognition Awards should go to Coach, Courter, Russ and even SBD ‘NEWMAN’ for digging up some old ass shit from his computer with the wife’s help.  If there were other contributors and I failed to mention you then you need to step up your game so your fine contributions will be recognized in future EG POW Opens. No credit what-so-ever should be given to one Grand Poo-Bah because his only contribution was an attempt to be in as many of the pictures as possible taken by the actual contributors. 

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