BD Newman

After hard day of planning the EG POW Open, I, SBD ‘NEWMAN’ need my rest.  Planning a most excellent and bodacious golfing excursion like the EG POW Open takes extreme concentration, foresight, planning and a firm grasp of how to accomplish the impossible. It would be easy to rave about how great the event is and how everyone is astounded at the amazing price but I am flat worn out and need to rest my eyes.  My associates(associates because I have no friends) would probably say ole SBD has just returned from a very strenuous and difficult 18 holes at the lowest price available in the Northern CA. region.  They probably said I will drive 100 miles to save 50 cents.  That is a misrepresentation of the facts.  It has to be at least a savings of $2.50 to drive that far.  However, it is true that I am the greatest CFO in POW history.  Just ask the national accounting firm that audits all MMR Enterprises accounts “Dewey, Cheetum and Howe”.  They gave MMR Enterprises the highest possible rating for honesty, integrity plus a bonus award of best smoke and mirrors bookkeeping.  The greatest CFO part is absolutely, 100% factual.  I am the greatest of all time, of all time, of all time.

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