Napoleon TNT


Yes, anyone that gets to play in The EG POW Open is LUCKY.  What do you think? GOSH!!  I missed last years event because I was in Alaska hunting wolverines with my Uncle with my 12 gauge.  Then I was not able to attend two years ago because I was assisting Pedro get elected school President.  By the way, Vote for Pedro and all of your wildest dreams will come true. The year prior to that I was fishing for some delicious bass.  Kip got married the year before that so I have been one busy nerd.  I really want to go this year because the reviews in Golf Digest are amazing.  Uncle Rico says I can’t go until I make some money but I told him I’ll do whatever I want, GOSH!  Deb wants me to go because she wants a I guy with skills.  You know, bow staff skills, computer hacking skills, golfing skills. Deb wants a guy with skills! I just know that Man Must Recreate Enterprises provides great events and they allow me to dance after their buffet.  I just wish Uncle Rico would quit eating all our steak and ruining everyone’s lives.  GOSH! IDIOT!

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