I have read all the testimonials by the clients of Man Must Recreate Enterprises and they are so good that they almost seem fake.  There has never been a better golf excursion company in my memory.  The only thing that ever comes to my mind is “exceeds expectations”.  Seriously, folks, think about it!  You get green fees, a cart, sack lunch with fruit, candy bar and a bottle of water, a drink ticket(only one drink ticket is a fairly big bone of contention within the board of mis-directors but that is another story better told by Tommy the “Extra”), angelic cart girls, great course, great venue, access to legal gambling and an after EG POW Open buffet.  It is so unmatched in the semi-civilized world that Chinese and Japanese golfers are petitioning the UN for equal treatment under the Scottish Golf Rules Convention of 1351.  It seems more than a coincidence that this rule is being invoked exactly 666 years since the Convention. They say it is unfair that only these derelict American golfers are allowed to participate in this most excellent and bodacious golf tournament.  Their contention is that golf is a very civilized and upper crust endeavor and low life scum like the POW’s should not be allowed to play golf at all much less at these ridiculously low prices.  Hopefully, the UN vote will be after the 35th Annual EG POW Open.  We at MMR Enterprises can only pray.  MMR

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