Unauthorized POW Events

Going back in time using SBD’s Way Back Machine we have uncovered the ultimate unauthorized POW event.  The bachelor party was much worse for the GPB than any damn virus.  Look at these kids.  Full of hope, love, golfing and fishing not to mention stealing golf balls.  All their dreams shot down by one quirk of fate, the Wuhan Virus. Now all the can do is ride bicycles or prop a wounded leg up and smoke some herbal remedies. Sad turn for these POW’s or an improvement!

Boulder Creek Monsoon 2019

Well, you’d think the weather would be nice in mid May in Kalifornia.  You’d be wrong. The first day there was gorgeous weather even if the golf was less than auspicious. Herbal remedies did not help the concentration and execution of said shots for three of the participants. There was one saving grace and that was STD’s Big Meal. Delicious food on a spacious deck with Scotch, beer and Cigars.

Boulder Creek Incident 2018

It is difficult to admit that I am one of those POW’s to be scorned and abused by my fellow POW’s.  I was kidnapped and forced to attend the UNAUTHORIZED POW EVENT at 2018 Boulder Creek with the PooBah, SBD and Tausey clique.  There is nothing worse than being forced to golf for three days in a row in beautiful weather at a fun and well groomed course. The delicious tri-tip steak and grilled shrimp was hard to bear. The extra anejo tequila was smoother than a baby’s ass. The horrors I saw, heard and smelled.  The houses and the cars and furry critters are so happy this group got the hell out of Dodge.

Now we get the 2017 version of the Boulder outing by the PooBah, “NEWMAN”, Tausey clique.  Sorry, fellow POW’s but these clowns are the only ones that send stuff to the Web Master so you are stuck with their idiotic images.  If you are so inclined, send me the images of your own unauthorized events.  They will be posted here as well as the snarky comments by the Web Master.

Useless Turds Golfing

Food from NEWMAN’s Botulism Cafe

Turds acting like bigger turds

This is what these clowns find new and exciting.  Hard to believe they have sunk so low.  Anyone the least bit annoyed by these incessant Wednesday golf updates?

Another Unauthorized Golfing Excursion By The ‘NEWMAN”, VanZile and Tausey Clique’ at Apple Mountain? but who knows??

So I ask my fellow POW’s to assist me in determining whether this type of a submission is worthy of our most excellent and bodacious web site.  This submission was sent in by one SBD ‘NEWMAN’.  While it is succinct it lacks basic forethought of even some basic construct of a concept. You be the judge.  We have standards, while extremely low standards,  they are standards.

EMAIL FROM SBD ‘NEWMAN with these two pictures.  I mean really??:  And their just rewards….. Book it Dano in the Pow archives”

SBD 'NEWMAN' and DVZTempOlivehurst

These pictures are from an unsanctioned POW event at Boulder Creek near Santa Cruz.  You must be a member of a very special POW clique to be invited to this unsanctioned event. If you feel a slight sense of betrayal that is to be expected as it is another shameful display of cronyism by the DVZ, SBD ‘NEWMAN’ and Tausey group. Hope you had a good time. MMR and ESAD

Edgewood 9/7/12

Edgewood 9/7/12

After Edgewood 9/7/12

After Edgewood 9/7/12

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