Life is a carnival, believe it or not.  Life is a carnival, two bits a shot. 

The 38th Annual EG POW Open Invitation

Now you’ve done it.  This hideous golf tournament is expected to return on 2020. If you know some bad golfers that have never played in this tournament and are very naive then please invite them.  Their looks of regret and remorse will be well worth it.

The 37th Annual EG POW Open Invitation

The 37th Annual EG POW Open will be upon us sooner than you think.  When you are invited to this hideous event you should make it a priority to come. You will see 20 plus old geezers pretending they can still make it onto the LPGA Tour.  It is inexpensive compared to a colonoscopy and almost as much fun. Circle the Saturday after Labor Day on your calendar and make it happen.  No excuses allowed. Be there or be square. The Grand PooBah knows where you live. Be afraid of not attending, be very afraid. MMR.

POW Invite

Grab your clubs and tell your friends about the 36th Annual EG POW Open.  This an event for the ages and aged.  We need new blood because our group is shrinking due to age related degeneration. POW’s have never been degenerates that anyone can prove legally. Word of mouth is the only way we can grow this event into the mammoth success we all need.  Many of our members are locked into an analog world where they can’y escape. They need help so tell a friend about the OPEN, The REAL OPEN. More golfers would mean lower prices for future events. We need massive bargaining power so light the bonfires to get them to the EAGLE VALLEY GOLF COURSE in Carson City, NV.  JUST DO IT!

POW Invite

An Invitation for the Ages

POW World Headquarters

POW World Headquarters

The book has been closed for many months on the 34th Annual EG POW Open.  We are hoping for another wildly successful Open on September 9, 2017. Contact all those long lost brethren so the 35th will an Open to really remember.  The Board of MMR Productions is counting on you to do your due diligence and contact those long and forgotten faces for the 35th.

POW 35th Poster

35th EG POW Open Invite

The Gauntlet has been thrown down to all POW’s.  The BUZZ Brothers have done a Joe Namath and predicted the winner of this years EG POW Open.  Now, no one I know would ever accuse a fellow POW of filling out their score card before an event has even started but it is the 34th Annual EG POW Open and anything is possible.

Buzz Bros WILL repeat (even with our substitute member)


Urgent update:  You can order a ham sandwich but you won’t get it.  You will get roast beef or turkey sandwiches and like it.  You don’t need no stinkin’ ham sandwiches, anyway.

SBD ‘NEWMAN’ and THE GRAND Poo-Bah forgot to include your sandwich meat requests as part of the 34th Annual EG POW Open Invitation.  When you send in your $55.00 to THE GRAND Poo-Bah include either HAM, TURKEY or ROAST BEEF with your check, money order, stamps, stocks, bonds or debit card.  If we don’t get your request then you gets what you gets.  Dats da fact Jack!

POW Invite

34th Annual POW Invite

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